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First Coast Medical and Health Science Education Programs

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Compiled by Joshua Bragenberg

The First Coast has a variety of medical studies available, whether it is in Jacksonville or St. Augustine. Students can study anything from nursing to physical therapy. Here, we have compiled a list of heath science majors offered at local colleges.

Jacksonville University- School of Nursing, School of Applied Science
• Jacksonville University offers Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate programs in the field of nursing. JU is committed to providing a learning environment that prepares nurses to work at all levels of this discipline.
• JU’s School of Applied Science offers a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, as well as a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology. The bachelor program prepares students for further education in speech language pathology and teaches students the basics of audiology and the sciences of speech and hearing.
• JU’s School of Applied Science also offers a bachelor degree in kinesiology. This program prepares students for the emerging field of the study of human movement.

For more information visit Jacksonville University online at

University of North Florida- Brooks College of
UNF has a Bachelor of Athletic Training to prepare students to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injuries and conditions of athletes.
• The exercise science program at UNF offers both a bachelor and master degree to those that desire to pursue a career in physical therapy and public health.
• UNF’s Physical Therapy program has a Doctorate degree that prepares students to take the national licensure examination.
• One of the six flagship programs at UNF, Nutrition and Dietetics, offers students undergraduate and graduate studies to be valued nutrition specialists in hospitals, nursing homes or their communities.
• The Department of Public Health features a variety of programs ranging from community health, aging services, health administration and clinical mental health counseling.
• The flagship School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and graduate programs ranging from a Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist or Clinical Nurse Specialist.
For more information about programs at the University of North Florida- Brooks College of Health visit them online at
University of St.
• The Doctor of Physical therapy program aims to graduate proficient practitioners that specialize in prevention, evaluation and treatment of injuries and other physical problems.
• The Master of Occupational Therapy trains therapists that will help people of all ages who are struggling with physical, developmental and emotional or social issues.

For more information about the University of St. Augustine programs visit them online at

Florida State College at
FSCJ offers an Associate in Science in Nursing that prepares graduates to work in entry-level positions.
• A Bachelor of Science in Nursing program prepares graduates for evidence-based care and leadership roles.

For more information about Florida State College at Jacksonville visit them online at

Pediatric Foot Problem

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The last thing that any parent wants to experience as they raise their child is a pediatric foot condition that their loved one is suffering with. Children, like adults, can easily be affected very harshly by foot health problems. There really aren’t too many differences when it comes to adult and child foot issues. As your child begins to grow their muscles and bones, complications can come about that lead to many of the most common podiatry issues, from flatfeet to Severs Disease and Osgood Disease.

Pediatric flatfoot can be classified as either symptomatic or asymptomatic. While asymptomatic flatfoot has no effects on your child, a symptomatic flatfoot can be very painful and limit your child’s movement and overall activity.

If your child has a passion for running or other types of jumping sports, Severs Disease is something you, as the parent, need to watch for throughout development. The typical complaint all physicians run into with this condition is the experience of heel pain that develops slow with physical activity. Resting, reduction of inflammation, and stretching can eliminate the symptoms of this condition.

Osgood Disease, which is more or less not a disease at all, occurs when your child overuses an already existing injury. What occurs is an inflammation of the bone, cartilage or tendon on top of the shinbone, where kneecap tendon attaches. Children are most vulnerable to this issue during their most prominent years of growth spurts, and rest can deplete the effects your child is feeling. The good news: the problem typically subsides once a teenager’s bones are done growing.

Dr. Amanda Bartell says, “The pediatric conditions of both Severs and Osgoods can be painful and extremely frustrating for both the child and his or her parent. However, there are effective treatment plans that can allow kids to get back on their feet and continue their activities.”

For more information on pediatric foot care, visit or call 904-236-5023 to schedule a professional foot evaluation.

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