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Daily Eye Care

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We rely on our eyes in so many ways, yet most of us do little to care for them. Here are 5 tips to keep your eyes healthy.

1. Wear Sunglasses: Sunglasses are especially important in the Sunshine state. Similar to your skin, your eyes can be hurt by the sun, so sport those shades.
2. Eat your Greens: Vitamins C, E and zinc are essential for eye health, so work more leafy greens into your diet.
3. Rest Your Eyes: If you work at a computer all day, every twenty minutes take twenty seconds to look at an object 20 feet away from the screen. The 20-20-20 method gives your eyes some relief from the stress of screen time.
4. Remove Eye Makeup: At the end of the day remove any makeup on your eyes. Sleeping in eye makeup can cause a sty, or clogged pores.
5. Stop Smoking: Smoke is an eye agitator, and it can increase the risk for all sorts of health issues when it comes to your eyes as well as your overall body.

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First Coast Gym Deals

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Across the region, gyms are offering great deals to kick off 2016 on the right foot. Make this year about bringing well-being and balance to your life…your waistline and your wallet!

YMCA: First Coast YMCA is waving all new membership fees through the month of January. For a family, this can mean a savings of up to $100. Visit

Pure Barre: A combination of Pilates and ballet, Pure Barre is one of the hottest workouts in town. This moth they are offering 5 week of classes for $175, 2 weeks of Learn to Barre unlimited classes for $49, and many more deals. For more info about a studio near you, visit

Orangetheory Fitness: If you are looking for a straight up power hour workout, Orangetheory Fitness is for you. For the month of January, this fitness studio is offering its premier package at the family rate, with a discount of 20%! Visit for details.

Walk the Walk

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Looking for a group in your neighborhood to start walking with? Across the First Coast there are a number of walking groups always looking for a new pair of shoes to match a stride. From morning walkers to trail hikers, here are some websites to help you find the right walking community for you.

MeetUp: There is a wide range of groups to choose from at all across our region. Visit to learn more!

First Coast Trail Forgers Walking Club: This group walks together both in town regularly, and even goes on fieldtrips to places like Savannah. Visit

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