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Running Shoe Selection

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For the avid runner, picking the perfect shoe is the key to success. You should never hesitate to spend a little extra cash on these important articles of clothing, because like any big purchase, you are going to be using them a lot. From running around your neighborhood after a long day at work to participating in challenging marathon running, you are going to be in these shoes a great deal. Not only should you be comfortable in your running shoes, but they should help you bring your running to the next level to blaze passed the competition.

Before you pull out your card to pay for a cool-looking pair of shoes, you need to make sure this is the perfect fit for you. First, you want to look at the shape of your feet. Humans can have three types of feet shapes: flat, neutral and high arches. Each type requires different features in your shoe pick. Once you’ve found the right style, you may want to consider going up half a shoe size to give your feet just a smidge of wiggle room. On the topic, Dr. Drew Bartell says, “As a podiatrist and avid runner, I strongly recommend purchasing running shoes from a running specialty store. Selecting running shoes from a store with trained staff and who can evaluate your foot, gait, and mileage level, can go a long way toward comfort and performance.”

Ultimately, it’s important to pick a shoe that you’re 100 percent comfortable wearing. Your shoe should feel like a part of your foot while you are out pounding the pavement. These two elements of your run should work together for your improved results. To conclude Dr. Drew Bartell believes the “key features when selecting proper running shoes include support, cushioning and responsiveness.”

For more information on your running shoe selection, visit or call (904) 236-5023 to schedule a professional foot evaluation.

Holiday Fun Runs

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Looking to get in shape during the holiday season? Here is a list of runs happening around the First Coast during the holidays. What better way to burn some of those extra feast day calories?

1. Turkey Clot Trot
November 22- Metropolitan Park

2. Casa Jingle All the Way 5k
December 6: Jekyll Island

3. Running of the Bulls 5k
December 6: Hemming Plaza

4. Reindeer Run Half Marathon and 5k
December 7: Fernandina Beach

5. Divas Half Marathon
December 7: St. Augustine Beach

6. Festival of Lights 5k
December 13: San Marco Square

7. Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis
December 20: Jacksonville Landing

8. 38th The Last Gasp Cross Country Race
December 21: Jacksonville University

9. 32nd Annual Jacksonville Bank Marathon and 5k
December 28: The Bolles School

Running in Cooler Weather

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It’s that time of the year again. The temperatures will soon begin to drop, and there will be a definite nip in the air! But none of these conditions should stop you from going out on your evening or morning run for some much-needed cardio exercise. There are always factors to keep in mind when you are putting on your running shoes to hit the streets. It’s important to arm yourself for these cooler temperatures, especially your feet and body.

You want to ensure you keep the warmth in your shoe and the cold mush out. When choosing the perfect running shoes, you want to pick a pair that has the least amount of mesh because they are the most comfortable and practical for the avid runner. After you have the shoes you are going to wear, browse your closet for technical, moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you warm and dry. Always remember: dress as though it is about 15-20 degrees warmer. You never want to OVERDRESS for the occasion.

Dr. Drew Bartell of the North Florida Foot & Ankle Center says, “As temperatures start to drop and we enter the fall and winter running season, it is even more important to incorporate 5-10 minutes of a smooth, slow warm-up run before you exert your max effort into the training run. Additionally, spending a little longer focusing on stretching your lower extremities will benefit you and help prevent lower leg and foot injuries.” Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Your feet are extremely important, and these great reminders will help reduce the wear and tear on them during your endorphin-boosting run.

For more information on running in various weather conditions, visit or call 904-236-5023 to schedule a professional foot evaluation.

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