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First Coast Gym Deals

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Across the region, gyms are offering great deals to kick off 2016 on the right foot. Make this year about bringing well-being and balance to your life…your waistline and your wallet!

YMCA: First Coast YMCA is waving all new membership fees through the month of January. For a family, this can mean a savings of up to $100. Visit

Pure Barre: A combination of Pilates and ballet, Pure Barre is one of the hottest workouts in town. This moth they are offering 5 week of classes for $175, 2 weeks of Learn to Barre unlimited classes for $49, and many more deals. For more info about a studio near you, visit

Orangetheory Fitness: If you are looking for a straight up power hour workout, Orangetheory Fitness is for you. For the month of January, this fitness studio is offering its premier package at the family rate, with a discount of 20%! Visit for details.

Walk the Walk

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Looking for a group in your neighborhood to start walking with? Across the First Coast there are a number of walking groups always looking for a new pair of shoes to match a stride. From morning walkers to trail hikers, here are some websites to help you find the right walking community for you.

MeetUp: There is a wide range of groups to choose from at all across our region. Visit to learn more!

First Coast Trail Forgers Walking Club: This group walks together both in town regularly, and even goes on fieldtrips to places like Savannah. Visit

A Working Person’s Guide to Meditation

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We are all busy, whether we work out of the house or at home. As American we pride ourselves on packing our life as full as possible, but at all that comes with a price. That price being simple moments of quiet. We all have a minute to spare in a day, or even five for that matter (think about how much time you spent on Facebook today?!). Here are some simple ways to work a little meditation into your life.

One Minute Meditation
Whether it is first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee, or maybe at the beginning of your lunch break, take a minute to sit and breathe quietly. Set a one minute timer on your phone. Sit down, either cross legged on your floor, or at your desk…not facing your computer, and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, touch your thumb to your index finger and say PEACE. Then touch your thumb to your middle finger and say BEGINS. Touch your thumb to your ring finger and say WITH. Then finally to your pinkie and end with ME. With each touch take a deep breath and exhale. This mantra is a Kundalini meditation and works great in a stressful work environment.

Walking Meditation
On lunch break, or during your morning workout, a simple 5 minute walking meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and let go. Take a deep breath with each step and focus on the simple sound of the rhythm of your feet on the ground. If a thought drifts into your mind, bring your thoughts just back to listening to your steps and breathing together. This mediation is great for grounding when you are feeling overwhelmed and you need to center yourself.

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