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Healthy Hostess Gifts

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Do you have a health nut in your life that wouldn’t touch a fruitcake with a ten foot pole?
Here is a list of some great healthy gifts to give those hosts and hostesses that would shy away from a tin of cookies!

Local Artisan Soaps
For the clean freak that loves organic, there is a variety of great local artisan soaps available at Riverside Arts Market and various boutiques in town. We love Long Hammock Organic soaps, because they come in a sweet little muslin bag. You can pick up a stack of bars at Violet in the 5 Point neighborhood in Riverside.

Local Fruit Basket
Those poor souls that watch their diet even during the holiday season, a fruit basket of locally grown fruit is a great alternative to a pound cake. Winter is citrus season, and persimmons abound in November. The Beaches Green Market is a safe bet for picking up a variety of local produce for a gift basket.

Spice it Up
A little bag of spices and rubs are a gift with a long shelf life. For those who love to go lean and mean on the grill, a new addition to the spice cabinet is always a safe bet. Native Sun has a fantastic selection of organic and unique spice blends.

Get Juicy
Instead of bringing a bottle of wine, bring a beautiful glass jug of fresh juice. You can hit up Pulp or one of the local juice bars for a fresh squeeze.

Dress it Up
The Olive Oil store at the St. Johns Town Center has an awesome selection of olive oils and unique vinegars that would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves a good salad!

Give Thanks, Give Back

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This holiday season take some time to give back to those in need in our community. By donating money, food, toys, clothes, or just your time in general you will be embracing the true spirit of the season.

Here is a list of local shelters that could use your help.

City Rescue Mission
234 State St. W.

IM Sulzbacher Center
611 E Adams St.

Trinity Rescue Mission
627 W Beaver St.

Clara White Mission
613 W. Ashley St.

Youth Crisis Center
3015 Parental Home Rd.

Mission House
800 Shetter Ave.
Jacksonville Beach
904.241. 6767

Kids Oughta Be Covered!

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According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, kids who get regular medical checkups and health care, including vaccinations, have better attendance rates and get better grades.

As many parents know, back to school is also the time when kids get sick. So now is the perfect time to be prepared for those routine maladies like scrapes and cuts, colds and ear infections; as well as those chronic problems like asthma or allergies, and occasional emergencies such as broken bones.

But paying for all of that care can place a huge burden on the family budget. There are more than 17,000 uninsured children in Duval County, with more than 16,000 who qualify for low-cost health insurance through the Florida KidCare program – however, most are not enrolled because either their families are unaware of the program or that they qualify.

Free or low cost health coverage, through the state of Florida’s KidCare program, offers health insurance for children from birth thru age 18.

Even if one or both parents are working, coverage may be available for as little as $15-$20 per month per household, which will cover up to 8 children. A family of four earning $48,500 qualifies for low cost coverage.

Florida KidCare services include doctor visits & checkups, shots & prescriptions, dental, hearing & vision care, hospital care, surgeries & emergencies, mental health services and much more.

It’s now easy to add health insurance to your child’s backpack and can be even cheaper than the cost of all your children’s school supplies. And with KidCare, enrollment is open year-round. In Jacksonville, application assistance is available by simply dialing 211 or visit to find an enrollment location near you. Families may also visit or call 1-888-540-KIDS.

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