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Holiday Fun Runs

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Looking to get in shape during the holiday season? Here is a list of runs happening around the First Coast during the holidays. What better way to burn some of those extra feast day calories?

1. Turkey Clot Trot
November 22- Metropolitan Park

2. Casa Jingle All the Way 5k
December 6: Jekyll Island

3. Running of the Bulls 5k
December 6: Hemming Plaza

4. Reindeer Run Half Marathon and 5k
December 7: Fernandina Beach

5. Divas Half Marathon
December 7: St. Augustine Beach

6. Festival of Lights 5k
December 13: San Marco Square

7. Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis
December 20: Jacksonville Landing

8. 38th The Last Gasp Cross Country Race
December 21: Jacksonville University

9. 32nd Annual Jacksonville Bank Marathon and 5k
December 28: The Bolles School

Shopping for a Cause

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Embrace the true spirit of the holiday season by giving back while you shop! Here is a list of stores that you can build karma while you shop for those you love.

1. The non-profit Vision is Priceless is partnering with The Shoppes of Avondale to take care of children and adults on the First Coast who need eye exams, prescription glasses or other eye care. Check out to find out more about this one-day shopping event on November 18th that will give back to this non-profit.

2. Bluetique is an upscale thrift store located in Ponte Vedra Beach. Bluetique is associated with the Goodwill thrift store chain and the revenue generated by sold goods is used to provide education and jobs to people with disabilities and special needs.
832-2 A1A N., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl 32082
Mon. – Sat.: 10 – 7 p.m., Sunday: 12 – 5 p.m.

3. New to You Resale Store sells donated items like furniture, clothes, electronics, books, sporting goods and more. Funds raised from the resale store are used to provide assistance to individuals and families in need through the Barnabas non-profit in Nassau County.
930 S. 14th St., Fernandina Beach, Fl 32034
Mon. – Sat.: 9:30 – 5:30 p.m.

4. The Purple Dove Resale Center sells donated items to provide prevention and intervention services to domestic violence victims and to educate the community to change behaviors and attitudes that relate to domestic violence.
474311 E. SR 200, Fernandina Beach, Fl 32034
Mon. – Fri.: 10 – 5 p.m., Sat.: 9 – 5

5. The Beam Thrift Store in Jacksonville Beach sells donated items to fund BEAM services to families in need. Profits may buy a struggling family’s groceries, pay an electric bill or rent.
1110 Shetter Ave., Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250
Tues. – Sat.: 10 – 5 p.m.

6. The City Rescue Mission Thrift Store helps pay for the programs offered at CRM as well as give work experience to the people in the LifeBuilders program.
5343 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, Fl 32205
Mon. – Sat.: 9 – 4 p.m.

7. The non- profit Betty Griffin House has two thrift store locations on the First Coast that raise funds to offer protection, counseling, assistance and transitional support to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.
1961 A1A S., St. Augustine, Fl 32080
Mon. – Sat.: 9 – 6 p.m.
445 SR 13, Fruit Cove, Fl 32259
Mon. – Sat.: 9 – 6 p.m., Sun.: 12 – 5 p.m.

8. Goldfinch Boutique sells charity bracelets and donates 25% of the profits from the bracelets to nine national and international non-profits.
77 San Marco Ave. Suite 1, St. Augustine, Fl 32084
Mon. – Sat.: 11 – 6 p.m., Sun.: 12- 5 p.m.

Bullying: Here’s How to Help

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One of Jacksonville’s leading pediatricians shares her insights on bullying trends within our society.

Bullying has now become such a staple within our culture, becoming imbedded in our homes, schools, work places, communities and even computers. Statistics show that 80% of us have seen someone get bullied, and 50% of us have been a victim of bullying at one point in our lives. Unfortunately, 25% of those victims are bullied repeatedly and experience serious long-term effects from their terrible experiences.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, bullying is defined as a form of aggression in which a child deliberately harms another in a frequent, constant manner. The harm could be physical, or it could be intimidating and manipulating a peer who is typically perceived as helpless. The behavior is aggressive; the bully feels as if he or she has power over their victim.

What if your child is the bully?
Research shows that children with a lack of social interactions, dysfunctional family relationships, low parental supervision, impulsive and aggressive behaviors, and an attraction to violence are at a higher risk of becoming bullies themselves. Bullies can be popular and dominant in their social groups or even isolated, depressed, and easily pressured. Children who have been bullied or abused may then become physically or verbally aggressive towards others they feel they can dominate. It’s a scary cycle.

Children at risk for being bullied are often between 6th and 10th grade and seen as weak, defenseless, unpopular, and different from the majority. Changes in behavior such as poor sleep habits, nightmares, worsening grades, lack of interest in school and extracurricular activities can be seen in children who are victims. Late signs of bullying are self-destructive behaviors, such as suicidal thoughts or running away from home to avoid the nonstop problem.

So how can you help?
Bullying is greatly underestimated because it is rarely reported by kids. Statistics reveal that in 85% of bullying cases, no intervention or effort is made to stop the bullying from taking place. Children who are bullied feel helpless, weak, isolated and overly humiliated. They desperately want to be in control of the situation without being a “tattletale” or feel like a “loser.”

An active approach to prevent or stop bullying is to start by talking to your child and collecting anonymous surveys at school to help identify unforeseen problems. By demonstrating respect and inclusion for all students, teachers and administrators create a safe school environment that focuses on education and a respectful environment in the home. Students can learn to speak up and express their feelings and thoughts on bullying, even if they have been a bully or victim in the past. Parents can also get involved with the school by volunteering, which has been shown to enhance positivity at school. School safety committees are a way to unite school administrators, parents, and students to create policies on bullying.

For more information, you are welcome to attend a Bullying Workshop on October 30, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at our Ponte Vedra office: 1102 Florida A1A #104, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 (904) 273-6533

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